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Mrs.Monster's LJ

rebel without a pulse

24 August




..Khrys Dee
Khrys Dee









Deviant art





This is the man who was made for me, My Monster<3


He is the only one who has ever really got me.
Sometimes i feel like we r the only people in the world...

Art is my passion. I see it everywhere i go and in everything i do.

You will find i am extremely over analytical, knowledge is power right?

I have many hobbies






-Photo editing

-horror movies

-scrap booking


-dread fall making





I have dimples and a lot of freckles, i guess that makes me uber cute :)

I am addicted to gore and horror monsters movies

I <3 Zombies

I also injoy war, black and whites, and silent films

I often have trouble typing cause my mind works faster then my hands, please bare with me

I am a neat freak

I dye my hair way more then i should...

I am a day dreamer, i spend alot of time in my head analyzing things or what i like to call being in "my world" to reflect

I can be the nicest person you ever met but if you piss me off, hurt one of my friends/BF, hurt me, i'll be your worst nightmare

I love deep conversations and strong debates

My life has been challenging to say the least but that has made me the strong person i am today.

I tend to be on the fence most of the time, so when my mind is made, it's made

I am sarcastic but i get away with it

When i can't deal with something, i make jokes

I really like to be outdoors and i LOVE the beach

I could not live without music, and i love going to all kinds of shows

I know how to appreciate talent, so that means i dont discriminate any genre of music

oh and my taste rocks :-p

My voice is featured in this band

Flat Affect

I reallllly like animals













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